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Kilimanjaro Cultural Walking tour


A full-day cultural walking tour through Marangu, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, offers breath-taking scenery with numerous waterfalls including the beautiful Kinukamori, Kilasya, Moongo, Materuni and Mteshani waterfalls One can also learn more about the Chaga culture by visiting a traditional Chaga house. Here you can participate in the processing of coffee and have a cup of course. You can walk through the Chief Mangi area where the first court and primary school of the northern region are still functioning. At Kilema Roman Catholic mission, you can see the first coffee tree planted in Tanzania by an Irish missionary 100 years ago. Kilimanjaro area is now one of the leading coffee producers in the country. A light climb up Ngangu hill with its fantastic view is a pleasure. On clear days the snow on Kibo Peak seems close, the plains are wide and the Pare Hills can be seen. If you don’t have a vehicle, book also Transport P&W vehicle- Arusha full-day

Transport P&W vehicle- Arusha full-day. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can book one of our vehicles to do the excursion. The vehicle will come with a driver.

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