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Nos gustaría mostrarle la belleza y la riqueza de Tanzania.

Disfrute de la belleza y la riqueza de la increíble tierra de Tanzania: la tierra del Kilimanjaro, Zanzíbar y de los famosos Parques Nacionales de safari. Nuestros resorts en la playa y los campamentos de safari harán que su experiencia sea inolvidable.

Actividades en Zanzíbar

Spice Tour

Zanzibar has a history for being known as the ‘spice island’ exporting cloves, vanilla, nutmeg…

Actividades en Arusha

Materuni Waterfall – Non P&W vehicle

Materuni Village is located 15 km north of Moshi, it is the last village before…

Actividades en el Lago Natron

Flamingo Lake Walk – Walking from the camp

The Rift Valley’s Lake Natron is the chosen mating ground of the endangered Lesser flamingo.…

Actividades en el Lago Manyara

Private Safari Game Drive – full-day 4×4 max 200 km

We use open four-wheel-drive safari jeeps, perfectly suited for taking unobstructed pictures. The vehicles are…

Actividades en Ikoma

Hot air Balloon Safari Serengeti (only i.c.w game drive and park fee)

Only possible in combination with a game drive. This popular excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!…

Actividades en Selous

Boat Safari on the Rufiji River

A boat safari on the Rufiji River is a completely new experience. Our captain will…

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