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History, mission and vision

One of the top tourism, accommodation, and safari businesses in Tanzania and Zanzibar is the Dutch family-owned Paradise and Wilderness.

Bert and his wife Ana visited Tanzania and Zanzibar for a vacation a number of years ago, and they fell in love with both places right away. They understood that the legendary National Parks in Tanzania with their gorgeous surroundings and wildlife and Zanzibar Island's white sand beaches combined the best of both worlds and made for the ideal vacation. Knowing this, they made the decision to follow their ambition and began their entrepreneurial journey. The organization's mission is to have as many people as possible to appreciate Africa's beauty.

The organisation's vision is to help Tanzania's local population by helping to create work opportunities.

“Now, I am lucky enough to have five Beach Resorts, a Boutique Hotel and a private Island on Zanzibar a Safari Lodge in the Selous GR (Nyerere National Park) and several more Safari Lodges located near or in world’s most famous National Parks: Serengeti Ikoma, Serengeti Klein's Gate, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Natron, Lake Manyara, Kilimanjaro and Arusha.”

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Bert Schoonvelde (owner):

“My holidays in Tanzania were too short to get to know this magical country, so I stayed here and made my dream my job!”

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One of the top tourism, accommodation, and safari organizations in Tanzania is the Paradise and Wilderness group, which is made up of various brands:

Africa Safari
Africa Safari is a specialist in planning fully-serviced safari holidays and runs its own lodges close to popular National Parks. Each of our lodges has distinctive features and is incorporated into the local environment and culture.

Hotel Zanzibar
Five resorts, a boutique hotel in Stone Town, and a private island belong to Hotel Zanzibar, which specializes in beach holidays in Zanzibar.

Beach Safari Aviation
Beach Safari Aviation arranges flights using our own airplanes from Tanzania and Zanzibar right into the heart of Tanzania's National Parks' game-rich regions.

Now Safari
Now Safari offers last minute tours from Zanzibar to Tanzania's renowned National Parks.

The Paradise & Wilderness Foundation
The Paradise & Wilderness Foundation was founded with the vision of giving back to the local communities through projects at local schools, in the hospitality industry, and for the environment.

Paradise & Wilderness: Expert in safaris

In Zanzibar and Northern Tanzania, we also provide transportation services in addition to safaris, accommodation, flights, and activities.

Due to the fact that we do not use subcontractors, we can assure the quality of our services.
We've created our tours so that you can fully immerse yourself in Tanzanian culture and traditions. We collaborate with regional experts who are enthusiastic about sharing their wisdom and personal experiences, ensuring that you have an in-depth understanding of the places you visit.

Experience your holiday in style with all the service and luxury you can expect from Paradise & Wilderness. Contact us and let's start organising your dream holiday!

Registered address:
Paradise & Wilderness ltd PO Box 4107 Stone town, Zanzibar

Group Director:
Bert Schoonvelde (

Contact details and phone numbers you will find on our website

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