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Jangwani Corridor

Day and night adventure


Jangwani Corridor is located just between Lake Manyara National Park and the natural wall of the rift valley. It is an area for cattle grazing and a way for wildlife to migrate to the north undisturbed. This corridor extends from the northeast corner of Lake Manyara NP southeast for 10 km to Eslalei Village and continuing for 20km to Manyara Ranch. The width of the corridor ranges from 3.5 to 6 km.

Most of Lake Manyara’s wildlife can be found here as well. The special thing about Jangwani corridor is the fact that it is allows for night game drives. A night game drive is a unique experience, quite different from day game driving.

Visibility is restricted to the reach of the jeep spotlights making for an exciting adventure of ‘spot the wildlife’. Animals are also far more active at night than they are in the daylight so there is ample opportunity to witness a hunt. Wildlife aside, the sounds of nature in the evening cruising under a starlit sky make a night drive in Jangwani well worth the itinerary addition.

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