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Ikona Wildlife Management Area (WMA)


Ikona Wildlife Management Area - Africa Safari Serengeti Ikoma Accommodation

Path of the Wildebeest: Ikona Wildlife Management Area

Ikona Wildlife Management Area (WMA), nestled between the Serengeti National Park and the Grumeti and Ikorongo Game Reserves, is located directly across the road from our Africa Safari Serengeti Ikoma accommodation. Ikona WMA was established in 2003 to spread economic benefit derived from tourism to the 5 villages that form part of this community, and to create a buffer zone for the protection of the national park. This area supports a variety of wildlife across 242 square kilometres of pristine wilderness including herds of elephant, waterbuck, Black and White colobus monkeys, shy leopard and both the Greater and the Lesser Kudu. A little-known, but very impressive fact is that this is the assembly point of the wildebeest during their annual migration when the vast herds move in the direction of the northern Serengeti for the famous river crossings. Spectacular night game drives are offered in this well-kept secret area.

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