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Serengeti North & Mara River


Serengeti North & Mara River - Fly-in & drive round trip

Northern Serengeti is where the great migration crosses the Mara River

Witness the most amazing wildlife spectacle in Africa at the Mara River. The Mara River is most famous for the legendary wildebeest crossing, a dramatic event, which is featured in countless wildlife documentaries. One of Tanzania’s best- kept secrets is the fact that nearly half of the Mara River is situated in the northern Serengeti versus the Masai Mara’s segment in Kenya. While there are hordes of vehicles just a few miles upriver in the Masai Mara, the Serengeti side is virtually devoid of tourists. Not only the Mara River is an essential part of this area of the Serengeti, but it is also a lush and idyllic spot hidden away in the remote reaches of the north. Many varieties of colourful birds can be found here including kingfishers, hoopoes and rollers. The flourishing resources support some unusual antelope species including Mountain reedbuck and Steenbok. The nearby Larelemangi salt lick is a haven for wildlife and large herds of buffalo and elephant are regular visitors.

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