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Hominid footprints

The Engaresero Footprint Site, situated on the south of Lake Natron, 13 km away from Africa Safari Lake Natron has been reported to host one of the best-preserved sets of fossilized hominid footprints in the world. However, until now there has been no detailed characterization and age determination of the footprint-bearing strata (the Footprint Tuff). The over 400 footprints are between 5.000 to 19.000 years old and came to scientist’s attention in 2008. They cover a cordoned off area slightly larger than a tennis court. The Engaresero footprints are intriguing because of the abundance and diversity of prints; some tracks seem to show people ‘jogging’ while another implies a person with a strange, perhaps broken, toe and others point in the direction of a dozen people, mostly women and children, travelling together.

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