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Maasai Boma Tour – Mto wa Mbu


You will be driven to one of the Maasai Boma, where the tour will begin. The Maasai are great warriors, they always carry a spear with them. The traditional clothes for a man exist of red or purple cloth, and their long braids are covered with animal fats, which give the hair an ocker red colour. The Maasai are nomads and live in temporary huts named manyattas, keeping livestock such as goats and cows.

The Maasai has a rich culture with many traditions like when a teenager will become a moran (young warrior). To prove themselves they have to show the elderly (eunoto) that they can become a warrior that can protect the clan and take care of the livestock.

When you visit the Maasai you will learn the lipid dance (very high jumps with stretched legs). They teach you about their jewellery and the status it has within their culture and invites you to their hut (manyattas). This tour normally lasts for about 2hrs.

If you don’t have a vehicle, book also Transport P&W vehicle- Maasai Boma (Mto wa Mbu)

Transport P&W vehicle- Maasai Boma (Mto wa Mbu):

If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can book one of our vehicles to do the excursion. The vehicle will come with a driver.


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