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Miwaleni Waterfall + Lake tour

You will be driven from Africa Safari Lake Manyara and head to Miwaleni Lake. This tour will take approximately 3hrs. The Miwaleni Lake and Waterfall is a green oasis at the foot of the Great Rift Valley. You can take a walk around the lake, lined with thriving papyrus. It is particularly a popular place for the Rangi people who collect the papyrus for the mats and baskets they create. Following the river, you may even opt to hike to the scenic Miwaleni Waterfall. This is a more challenging journey over rocks and stones. But in the end, a refreshing pool is awaiting you at the bottom of the 15 meters fall! If you don’t have a vehicle, book also Transport P&W vehicle- Miwaleni Waterfall & Lake Tour

Transport P&W vehicle- Miwaleni Waterfall & Lake Tour:

If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can book one of our vehicles to do the excursion. The vehicle will come with a driver.


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